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Bands Description :

Spanish, Accoustic, Psychedelic, Pop

Members :

Danny Blackwell : : Vocals, Guitar, Bass & Drums


Bands Website :

Off-beat off-the wall gentle mediterranean animal loving sounds from the talented and versatile musician Danny Blackwell, Danny is an empty shed. As a result he would like to help you in your allotments. Danny is currently working on a piece of cereal music inspired by the pantonality of Alban Berg. the inevitable Blackwell hides in obscure wells who do not speak his name. thrice named, twice forgotten the enigma of the edvard pony is strong in this one. currently residing in an orange grove near you...


 Mono Ya Mono - Danny Blackwell
Single: Luna A La Ventana - Moon At The Window EP

Danny Blackwell 2008

Information: on Luna A La Ventana - Moon At The Window EP
String Arrangements - S.Peacock with Danny Blackwell
Produced and Recorded by Mark Bowler with Danny Blackwell

Mastered & Mixed by M.Bowler
at Bowler Studios & Stockwell Studios
Sax - Santi / Violin - Vali / Bass - Xema / Strings - Ruth & Jo

All other instruments and vocals Danny Blackwell
Special Thanks to Adrian Palka & Family and to Robert Ritman for the Steel Cello, Thanks also to May Anderson for the use of Stockwell Studio, Strings recorded in Valencia, Voice, Guitar and Cherango recorded in London & Valencia.

1 Mono Ya Mono - Danny Blackwell - Calle Caballeros
2 Mono Ya Mono - Danny Blackwell - Cuervo Negro (Black Raven)
3 Mono Ya Mono - Danny Blackwell - Thundermental
4 Mono Ya Mono - Danny Blackwell - Santa's Lonely Summers
5 Mono Ya Mono - Danny Blackwell - Halloween
6 Mono Ya Mono - Danny Blackwell - Panda Song - (Extra Track)
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